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Trainees begin work at Menerga
Trainees begin work at Menerga

16 trainees and apprentices enter professional life in August at Menerga in Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany.

Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany, 4 August 2017 – On 1 August 2017, sixteen trainees and apprentices began their professional qualification at Menerga, in a wide range of fields of work. As a result, the company, with its approx. 430 employees, now employs a total of 37 trainees and apprentices.

“The topic of professional qualification enjoys high priority at Men-erga. For years, we have placed great importance on providing good beginning employees with basic and ongoing training, and to retain these trainees and apprentices in our company when they have completed their qualification. The training team consists of a total of six training supervisors: three colleagues from the Human Resources Department, and one supervisor who has been perma-nently assigned to what we call the “Trainee Lab.” Technical skills are learned in this lab: for example, in work with cooling and elec-trical circuits.” so Stefanie Bekes, Director of Human Resources at Menerga GmbH in Mülheim an der Ruhr. Furthermore she emphasizes: “When making our selection among candidates for trainees and apprentices, we mainly take a close look at their aptitudes and knowledge, and not primarily at their school grades. As a result, we have trainees with many and vari-ous kinds of school-leaving diplomas, ranging from German lower secondary schools to high schools preparing for university ma-triculation – and likewise including those who have failed to achieve diplomas. Our aim is to support and encourage these young people and to give them a chance, even though they may not have immediately started off on the best path.”

The 16 new trainees, in ages from 16 to 27, are broken down into eight different qualification professions in administration and pro-duction. Menerga included a total of three new qualification pro-fessions in its portfolio. For example, beginning this year Menerga will for the first time be training female Industrial Business Man-agement Assistants for Dialog Marketing – as well as Industrial Mechanics and Construction Mechanics. For qualification to be-come Mechatronic Refrigeration Engineers and Construction Me-chanics, Menerga could allure no fewer than two young women for these jobs this year. They have won out over their male com-petitors and have decided to work in professional environments which are usually dominated by men.

Two of the new trainees had already gained professional experi-ence at Menerga as part of a program for entry-level qualification, and have now decided for a traineeship at the company in Mül-heim. During the next two weeks, the older classes of trainees and the training supervisors will be introducing the company to the new trainees. In mid-August, the new class will then be assigned to the various departments of the company.

All 37 trainees and apprentices together with the training instructors Stefanie Bekes and Christian Orwat (down left)