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New, fresh and innovative concept has proven successful for Menerga
New, fresh and innovative concept has proven successful for Menerga

After the ISH 2017, Menerga is able to draw a positive balance in Frankfurt am Main.

Mülheim an der Ruhr, March 31, 2017: After ISH, the world's leading trade fair for bathroom, building, energy, air conditioning technology and renewable energies, Menerga has drawn a positive balance. The company set itself the goal of presenting the new market segments pool, data center, precision, hygiene, industry and service as well as showing the new face of the company. At first it might have been unusual for visitors that there was no air handling unit on the Menerga booth this year. At this ISH, the company has devoted itself entirely to digital presentation forms. In this way, interested visitors were able to view one of the two inniovations directly in a digital technology room in virtual reality. With the help of Virtual Reality (VR) glasses, visitors were presented the innovation Menerga Adconair AdiabaticzeroGWP and its special operating mode in a 360 ° view. In a short movie, the principle of indirect adiabatic evaporative cooling in combination with dew point cooling was illustrated in such a way that the visitor thought he was actually standing in the technical room.

In addition to the VR movie, all product solutions from Menerga, the new market segmentation and general information on the company were presented on a touchscreen led into tables. This presentation has given visitors, among other things, different solutions depending on the market segment, such as the solutions for the air conditioning of operating rooms, canteens, patient rooms, etc. in the hospitals, which is part of the hygiene segment. These solutions were partly supported by 3D real-time visualizations of Menerga products so that the units could directly be illustrated to the visitors.

Apart from all digital applications, it was part of the trade fair concept that the Menerga team had uniform clothing. All the staff came in a fresh, sporty and casual outfit, which has distinguished itself from the other exhibitors, especially thanks to the eye-catching orange sneakers.

According to ISH, Jan-Philip Wagner, Head of Sales at Menerga, is drawing a positive balance because the company has successfully placed its new market segmentation with its visitors and has simultaneously presented itself dynamically, freshly and innovatively. "With the predominantly digital representation, we were able to represent our entire product portflio in all market segments and thus make it clear that Menerga is not only a strong partner in the swimming pool area," Wagner said.

The idea of the strong partner was also symbolized by the close position to the parent company Systemair in Hall 11.1. The two companies, which are clearly separated from each other in the market, have joined together to form a strong group. Interested parties were able to find out about specific solutions from Menerga to serial products at Systemair and have thus obtained a good overview of the entire product portfolio of the group in the field of air conditioning.

Menerga has demonstrated its new market orientation, as well as its innovations at ISH by using digital presentation forms.

Menerga's team in a fresh and sporty look.

Oliver Marschall (middle), field staff at Menerga, explains at the touch screen the operation mode of the new Menerga Adconair AdiabaticDXcarbonfree to two visitors.