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Air conditioning solutions for optimum energy utilisation in buildings
Air conditioning solutions for optimum energy utilisation in buildings

Frankfurt / Mülheim an der Ruhr, 12 March 2013 – At ISH 2013 in Frankfurt, Menerga GmbH presented comprehensive solutions for the particularly efficient handling of energy in buildings under the title of "Energy harvest". In addition to the minimisation of energy use, four sequential areas of specialisation dealt with the ideal use of existing energy sources and distribution of energy flows based on demand. The savings achieved in this manner are constantly checked and further optimised. Upon this basis, the company not only wishes to offer ultra-efficient ventilation and air conditioning systems; it also wishes to work together with customers in order to develop creative, product-based solutions that make use of the energy present in the building as wisely as possible.

In the first area of specialisation entitled "Minimising energy use", the manufacturer based in Mülheim illustrated how comfort air conditioning can be implemented with an extremely low energy consumption thanks to ultra-efficient, regenerative and recuperative heat recovery systems. The Adconair units that work on a recuperative basis are equipped with a countercurrent plate heat exchanger developed especially for use in central air conditioning units and that achieves excellent heat recovery rates of over 90% - as well as levels in excess of 95% in swimming pools - even at high nominal volume flows of multiple 10,000 m³/h. Furthermore, the company has also been deploying ultra-efficient heat accumulators in the Resolair series for over 20 years in the field of regenerative heat recovery and also achieves heat recovery efficiencies of over 90% here. Thanks to their high efficiency, both systems are ideally suitable for passive / low energy houses and, as a result, are now gradually being certified as "Passive House Suitable Components".

A second area of specialisation entitled "Increasing the harvesting factor" illustrated how a significant added value can be achieved via the integration of existing, inexpensive low-temperature sources. This is made possible by the sorption-based air conditioning process, whereby heat is used as drive energy for air dehumidification with the aid of a liquid lithium chloride solution. Sorpsolair units can also be ideally combined with a solar thermal plant for instance as excess heat is available, especially in summer. The use of waste heat from a combined heat and power system is also sensible as this method achieves inexpensive comfort air conditioning with a higher cost effectiveness of the CHP system.

The core of the third area of specialisation entitled "Managing energy flows" dealt with concepts with which recovered or unused energy can be intelligently distributed throughout a building based on demand. Here, the manufacturer based in Mülheim offers multiple solutions on how energy in water-bearing systems can be fed in and made useful for other applications. For instance, the waste heat from server rooms can be used for heating or water heating based on demand via the Adcoolair recirc air cooling units. In swimming pools, the clean water heater belonging to the ThermoCond air conditioning units developed by Menerga permits the residual heat contained in the outgoing exhaust air following heat recovery to be transferred to the hot service water. With the aid of the Cowatemp compact chilled water units, it is possible to make either cold or hot water available within a building in an extremely effective manner. Furthermore, it is also possible to simultaneously provide cold and hot water if needed.

The manufacturer presented the advantages of continuous operational optimisation based upon an exact process analysis in the fourth area of specialisation entitled "Realising efficiency". As the efficiency of the ventilation and air conditioning technology of a building can only be assessed if accurate data and measurement values are available, the company offers an important aid for regular energy monitoring with vicomo "virtual control + monitoring". All relevant plant parameters are measured and analysed in a comprehensive and extremely accurate manner. As a result, the manufacturer's customer service department can monitor the energy efficiency of all product series directly via the Internet and, where necessary, optimise the operation of them in a project-related manner.