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Public pool
Public swimming pool halls

Welcome to the house speciality at Menerga. Since the beginning we have been developing and offering solutions that lead the way in matters of reliability, operating costs and the technical brilliance of the systems. For full-blooded engineers like us, the swimming pool hall poses an especially exciting challenge: to reduce the technology to the minimum and place it in the background, and simultaneously to ensure reliability, comfort and the right climatic conditions for relaxation. And, naturally, to do this with environmentally friendly technology and the lowest possible operating costs. 

The cost-effectiveness of a recreational swimming pool depends on the number of visitors and daily utilisation levels. If the visitor does not feel comfortable, he or she will not return or will only stay for a short period of time. The term "pleasant climate" therefore takes on economic significance. And in recreational pools in particular, the climate in adjacent areas such as changing rooms, wellness and rest areas, restaurants or the entrance hall has to be reliably controlled.

The aspect of the cost efficiency of the climate is of major significance in the case of recreational baths. As in all other types of swimming pool, the cost of energy for air conditioning is particularly high in comparison to other operating costs of the pool. Continuous dehumidification of the pool round-the-clock has to be ensured. The degree of dehumidification varies between the active and "resting" phases of the pool and is increased when, in addition to the standard swimming area, numerous attractions such as slides or water mushrooms increase evaporation in the swimming pool hall. 

Intelligent ventilation technology with a very good dehumidification capacity and high levels of heat recovery helps to offset the continuous increase in energy costs. Modern technology can help, with e.g. a reduction in the volume flow rate in line with requirements, where the capacity of the system is adapted to the number of the people present in the swimming pool hall. The higher investment costs pay for themselves by a major reduction in operating costs within a very short time.

Menerga fits

Modern recreational baths can be an oasis of fun and wellness while being operated at the same time in a highly energy-efficient manner. The best example of this is the two passive building swimming pools in Lippe-Bad L√ľnen and Bambados in Bamberg, the first passive building swimming pools in Germany, which are of course equipped with Menerga systems. The two passive building swimming pools are equipped with previous versions of the ThermoCond 38 series. Through the implementation of the two projects, this series was made ready for the market and is now available as an energy-efficient system for all new constructions and refurbishments. ThermoCond 38 with counterflow plate heat exchanger achieves the highest levels of heat recovery efficiency of up to more than 95%. The optional fresh water heater of the ThermoCond 38 series (see also page 10) also helps to increase the overall level of efficiency of the system by using the heat energy contained in the return air which cannot be recovered for air treatment to heat the fresh water for the swimming pool.  

Other systems which are also suitable for use in the recreational bath are the systems of the ThermoCond 39 series. With their integrated heat pump they can achieve higher dehumidification capacities with the same nominal flow rate. For all of the adjacent rooms, the comfort air conditioning units of the Dosolair, Adconair, Adsolair or Resolair series are used. In shower areas, AquaCond devices recover energy from warm waste water from the showers.