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Private pool
Private swimming pool halls

Private swimming pools generally have short periods of activity and very long "resting" phases. During the activity period, the hall is usually used by only a few people. In other words: the conditioning of the swimming pool hall air focuses on dehumidification and ensuring that the desired temperature is constantly maintained. With this level of use, a continuous addition of fresh air is often not required - a fact that keeps the operating costs very low, particularly in the colder months.

A central dehumidification unit has many advantages compared to floor-standing solutions, for example. A floor-standing unit dehumidifies the swimming pool hall air through the use of a refrigerating machine to cool the air down to the dew point and condensing the water out of the air. The dehumidified air then has to be reheated in a heating coil in order to ensure a constant temperature level in the swimming pool hall. A central air conditioning unit with a high level of heat recovery reduces these heating costs significantly, with up to 80% of the heat being recovered from the swimming pool hall return air.

Central dehumidification units also allows the admixing of outside air in the summer months or even free ventilation. The swimming pool hall climate is improved as a result and again operating costs can be saved.

A central dehumidification unit is usually installed in a plant room outside the actual swimming pool hall and therefore does not disrupt the swimming pleasure neither visually nor acoustically. Intelligent air distribution through the use of slot diffusers keeps window fronts mist-free.

A private swimming pool should always be planned individually. If the heating in a residential building is provided by a domestic heat pump (low-energy), the energy of the heat pump can also be used for the swimming pool air conditioning. Similarly, the utilisation of excess heat to heat the fresh water for the swimming pool is also possible.

Menerga fits

The multi-functional compact systems of the ThermoCond 18, 23 and 28 series have been specially designed for use in private swimming pools. The systems are equipped with corrosion-free heat exchangers made of polypropylene. In contrast to the ThermoCond series for public swimming pool halls, the 18, 23 and 28 series operate for most of the day with very high energy efficiency levels in recirculation mode. The heat recovery efficiency is up to 80%. All installations are complete systems with intelligent controls which adapt themselves fully automatically to the conditions. ThermoCond 28 is also equipped with an integrated heat pump. For those, who prefer more comfort such like dehumidification of the outside air in the summer: The small versions of our „big“ ThermoCond units are also suited for private swimming pool halls.

Menerga systems use every resource available. Excess heat from the air conditioning system can, for example, be used to heat the fresh water for the swimming pool via a pool water condenser.

Depending on the equipment, the integration of an existing domestic heat pump in the building is also possible. This is connected to the heating coil of the air conditioning unit. In most cases the low flow temperatures of the domestic heat pump of around 35° C are not sufficient for heating the swimming pool hall, which is why the heating coil is incorporated upstream of the air condenser. In combination, the two systems heat the supply air very efficiently to the required temperature level. The domestic heat pump can be operated with an optimum COP at unchanged low flow temperatures.