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Production and logistics
Production and logistics

In the production and logistics areas of companies it is important not only to air-condition the processes and products. In most production facilities – no matter how large or modern – there are a large number of people working, for whom the working climate has to be pleasant and in line with the regulations. But almost all production halls have one thing in common: they are usually very large and very high and therefore contain very large airflow rates. These airflow rates have to be kept at an appropriate temperature, as well as being treated and circulated.

Heating is mainly required during the night and in the morning; during the day - particularly in the summer - the halls have to be cooled. At many companies this requirement applies to most of the day, e.g. when the employees work on shifts. The air conditioning requires high volumes of air, and above all the very efficient provision of heat and cold. Furthermore, the regulations governing workplace conditions have to be complied with. In many production companies, air pollutants are produced which can have harmful effects on health or product quality. These have to be reliably removed by means of efficient ventilation. The air quality in the hall is essentially determined by the design and layout of the air technology units. In order to create a perfect production and working climate, high amounts of energy are often needed. However, the air conditioning always pays off. In the hot summer months in particular, it is not only the motivation and performance of the employees which improves. The cooling in line with requirements of the production and storage areas also has positive effects on product quality and the resilience of the production machines used. Draughts which might cause additional problems simply when the skylights and hall doors are opened are prevented through the intelligent distribution of air. Besides the actual production hall, an intelligent air conditioning concept also takes into account the adjacent rooms such as the staffrooms etc.

Menerga fits

All Menerga systems with a high air volume flow, e.g. the units of the Adconair, Adsolair and Resolair series, are suitable for use in production halls. Adsolair systems are easily capable of dissipating the high thermal loads in the hall with very low energy expenditure for cooling. The basis of this is the adiabatic evaporative cooling, which achieves temperature reductions of more than 12 K* through the use of water alone. Resolair systems work on the principle of regenerative energy recovery and can also recover "cold" and moisture from the air in the hall. For peak loads, the systems can be equipped with pumped hot water or pumped cold water units.

Adconair, Adsolair as well as Resolair systems provide extremely efficient heat recovery. The energy used for heating the halls in winter is therefore kept to a very low level. The systems are able to further reduce operating costs by feeding in recirculated air as required. If for example no work is carried out in the production hall during the night or over a specific period, the rooms can be kept at the required temperature for inexpensive recirculation mode. In the early morning just before the start of the first shift the required proportion of outside air is mixed in in order to achieve the required air quality. The systems respond with variable volume flows to different occupancy levels of the halls. Installation as a rooftop unit is particularly simple and possible for all systems.

 * at OA = 34° C / 40% r.h.