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Industrial climate
Industrial climate

Process air conditioning does not forgive any mistakes. This applies in particular to the production of food. For certain production processes  clearly defined air conditions are necessary, e.g. certain humidity parameters, which must not be exceeded, as an  violation lead directly into consequences. The product can contain optical or sensory impairments - or in the last resort it is not producible. In rapid succession devices of the modern manufacturing companies any disruption or a failure is the "worst-case-scenario". But also when impairments are creeping, like e.g.  production under cleanroom conditions:

The more the quality of your product or production process depends on climate conditions, the stronger you should  focus on system engineering. Through intelligent concepts and high quality the desired optimal production conditions will be created. Not only for the production process the suitable air conditions  are important, but also for later storage.

Menerga fits:

In the air-conditioning industry there have been countless applications and constellations. In many food-processing areas, in particular in the meat processing sector, it is necessary to ensure that every surface is hygienically clean and sterile. Water plays an important part during this process. Short, intensive cleaning intervals lead to extremly high humidity in the air at the production facilities, which then has to be removed in a short period of time. The air conditions are as demanding as in a classic swimming pool, but in addition the hygiene requirements of the food industry are to be fulfilled, in particular an easy cleaning of all components within the airflow.. Ideally suited for such applications are Adsolair-units. These use the potential of dehumidification from the ambient air, while the heat recovery  reduces the heating costs drastically. An integrated heat-exchanger cleaning device ensures hygienic conditions at all times. The fully automated controls add dry outside air in a demand based manner and also allow for regulation of an external dehumidifier during the summer period if applicable.