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Data center
Data centers

The top-theme for data center operators currently is energy efficiency. The ongoing development of new technologies or the increased availability of mobile end devices leads to a world-wide greater demand of computing performance. This will not only raise the energy consumption of existing data centers, but also additional competing pressure from other new server farms is created. Thus the most efficient way of energy use with the principle of “green” data centers had become a crucial competitive advantage.

The benchmark for energy efficiency from data centers is the PUE-Value (Power Usage Effectiveness). For this indicator the whole electricity consumption of the data center relates to the electricity demand to provide the computing power. The cooling of the sever rooms has the greatest influence, which makes, depending on the local conditions up to 60 percent of the whole energy costs. At a typical data center with conventional techniques the proportion of the electricity requirements for cooling and air distribution is under 40 percent. The customers can reduce this value with energy-saving technology to less than 10%.  The bottom line is that the PUE-indicator can be improved from an average 2.0 to a very good value of less than 1.2. This reflects not only the requirements for “green” data centers, but also a significant saving of running costs. Crucial already during the planning phase is, that a troublefree operation of the computer systems is always ensured.

Menerga fits

With the re-circulating air handling units (AHU) of the Adcoolair series Menerga has established itself at the market for high-efficient cooling within a very short time.  These units are designed to take away high thermal loads with the help of indirect free cooling, adiabatic evaporative cooling and compression cooling, reaching a performance rating (EER) of 12 as average over a year at a return air temperature of 34°C and a supply air temperature of 20°C. The preference given to make use of natural processes the re-circulating  AHU significantly reduce the electricity consumption for the cooling, thus allowing very good energy efficiency indicators at the data centers. In operation the re-circulating air flow is completely separated from the cooling air stream. In this way neither damp air nor pollutants from the outdoor air can flow into the data base, even with free cooling. In addition the cooling performance in the heat exchanger is increased with the help of the adiabatic evaporative cooling. The external air flow for the heat dissipation could be reduced to two-thirds of the circulating air volume flow. This leads to smaller air ducts in the outside/exhaust air and a lower air-side pressure drop in the device.

Adcoolair solutions are intended for an internal installation without an additional external re-cooling plant. Due to its compact construction, it is also fit for reconstructions or retrofitting. Due to the high flexibility of the solutions and the use of several mutually independent cooling systems there is a very high operational reliability.