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Sport facilities
Sport facilities

Increasing numbers of sportsmen and women are training in more and more clubs. This is not surprising, since physical exercise has never been as comfortable and pleasant as today. There is hardly a sport that cannot be played in a sports hall the whole year round protected against the wind and weather. One of the important aspects for enjoying sport and successful training is the climate in a sports hall. In addition to the correct temperature, it is essential to avoid draughts.


However, the indoor climate has to be adapted not only to the athletes. Many sports facilities offer space for visitors and stands for spectators. While the spectator is almost motionless while following the game sitting down or standing up, the active sportsman/woman is moving the whole time. Athletes give the best performance within a temperature range around 18° C; however, the most pleasant temperature in the stand for the spectators is 22° C. It is therefore necessary to create different "climate zones" in the grandstand and in the area where the sport is played.

Generally speaking, the components of the climate technology used at sports facilities have to be very powerful because of the large volume of air involved. Here, the air distribution of the air is just as relevant as the performance of the technology used. Since sports halls are not used the entire day, air conditioning in line with requirements offers significant potential for savings. The room is supplied with the required amount of outside air, which is heated indoor if necessary, shortly before the training or event begins. In order to keep the ventilation heat losses as low as possible, the unit should offer maximum levels of heat recovery. Similarly, it must also be possible in the case of high thermal loads resulting, for example, from the fact that the hall is full of spectators, to switch over within a very short time to cooling or "cold" recovery while maintaining the infeed of fresh air. 

Menerga fits

For use at sports facilities, Menerga offer the Dosolair, Adsolair and Resolair ranges. All of the systems in these ranges are available with high air volume flows; for example, Resolair systems have a capacity of 34,000 m3/h and more even in the standard version. All systems are based on the principle of the minimal application of energy and work with extremely low energy consumption rates. Depending on the specific situation, it is expedient to use several units for the air conditioning of a single hall. At the Velodromo de Mallorca the entire sports hall is air-conditioned in four zones by four Adsolair systems.

 Adsolair and Resolair systems provide extremely efficient heat recovery, but at the same time also the possibility of recovering "cold". With the "adiabatic" evaporative cooling, Adsolair also offers extremely energy-efficient cooling with temperature reductions of up to 12 K* simply through the use of water. The 58 series is equipped with an additional refrigeration system which, for example, enables reliable dehumidification where there is high moisture penetration from spectators (30g/h per person). When the overall air conditioning concept is drawn up, it is important not to forget the entrance and changing areas. As the cooling requirements are lower here, small Dosolair systems or Trisolair units are ideal. The shower areas offer further potential for savings: valuable waste heat can be recovered with AquaCond systems and transferred to the fresh water.

* at OA = 34° C / 40% r.h.