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Convincing concepts
Realizing the future - with flexibility and vision

We work intelligently from the very start, and are thus able to realise complete solutions that consider not only the investment costs, but also the subsequent costs. In particular the costs for additional peripheral equipment required, energy consumption and operating costs offer considerable savings potential, and are therefore increasingly important for the decision. The basis for this, among others, is to be able to adapt the technology to the requirements of every single project. Menerga offers a very intelligent, modular system, that enables you to this adaption.

This is our credo:

  • Only intelligent technology leads to lastingly low operating costs
  • We focus on utilisation of regenerative energy sources
  • Our units are compact and durable
  • We are building complete units – with integrated control and regulation
  • Every unit leaves the gate only after a complete factory test run
  • We deliver ready-for-connection
  • We care for our units. And offer therefore excellent maintenance concepts.

This credo is the reason for our success in the past  – and you can rely on it in the future as well.